• monocle

    Malle on Monocle Radio

    Malle founders Robert and Jonathan were recently invited to talk about Malle on the popular Monocle Radio Entrepreneurs Show...

  • malle-mile

    The 2016 Malle Mile

    At 7am on the morning of the 5th of July 2015, I woke up on the floor of a…

  • Monet-&-Goyon

    A Monet & Goyon with a touch of Malle

    We first met Pip Davidson on the dusty start line of The Mile, last summer. Cigarette in mouth, visor…

  • Malle-London-the-new-york-times

    Malle London on The New York Times T-Magazine

    With all the hard work over the years; planning, designing, making and testing, feedback comes very well received. Since…

  • Malle-London-Land-Collection

    Launch of the Land Collection

    Each piece in the ‘Land Collection’ is crafted with full-grain chocolate brown bridle leather, durable honey brown 10oz waxed…

  • The-Malle-Mile

    The First Malle Mile

    At about 1am in a quiet industrial part of East London, Jonny and I were poised at a traffic…

  • Kings-of-Winter

    The Kings of Winter

    While the rest of us wait for summer, a few men and their machines defy winter and take to…

  • Malle-londond-the-race-of-gentlemen

    The Race of Gentlemen 2014

    The “Wildwood” – what a perfect name for a place that hosts a two day drag race of classic…

  • Malle-at-DGR-New-York

    The DGR 2014 – Malle joins the ride in New York City

    One of my favorite quotes from the DGR last weekend “…there’s a lot of dudes at this wedding” -…