Launch of the ‘Mallendar’ – The remedy for FoMO (The Fear of Missing Out)

We’ve mentioned the term ‘work hard & play harder’ often, to help push this idea further and inspire ourselves to live this motto, we’ve just launched the ‘Mallender’. A global calendar of happenings that inspire our work, life and culture. From motorcycle film festivals in New York and ‘bicycle cinema’ nights in East London, to classic race days at Goodwood and vintage ‘round the world races.

If ever there’s a group of passionate people, doing something exciting and creative on 2 wheels, or 4, or even 1… we’ll aim to be there.

Each year we kick ourselves that we forgot to sign up for the boat tickets for the Vintage TT races (on the Isle of Mann), or to drop by that custom bicycle exhibition. With the Mallendar – you can subscribe (via your iCal for example) and never miss out!

Explore the events, subscribe below and feel free to suggest an event for inclusion to an ever expanding resource of cool happenings and events, courtesy of the Malle team.

View the Mallendar >