MALLE and Svbscription Collaboration for the Green Soccer Journal


MALLE and Svbscription Collaboration for the Green Soccer Journal

Malle recently collaborated with Svbscription and the Green Soccer Journal, with a Limited Edition piece of luggage – in celebration of the world cup. Below is the interview.

No two bags are created equal. This is especially true in the case of Malle London, who create considered and purposefully designed tool bags with astonishing functionality and durability. They created a custom version of their signature bag for our limited edition parcel with The Green Soccer Journal. Watch the video below to see behind the collaboration.

This Malle London bag is only available in The Green Soccer Journal Limited Edition. Watch the video above to learn more about the collaboration.

How did Malle begin?

Several years ago we were sitting in a café discussing the men in our family. Something that came up was how all of them had tool bags, whether they were a doctor, carpenter, businessman or farmer. The style, function and actual tools varied a lot, but each man had his tools. This thought became a bit of an obsession for us, and led us to create Malle.


Can you explain the ethos behind Malle? What was missing in the products you saw on the market? A form of ‘functional luxury’ comes to mind.

At Malle we want to be specialists amongst a sea of generalists—most bags fit anything and everything, but are not designed for something specifically. We create considered tool bags, appropriate to the craft. We never use the word luxury—the artisans and premium materials that make up a Malle bag make it more ‘high-end & heavy-duty’.


Tell us about your ideal customer. How do they live their lives?

Our users work hard, play harder, and arrive prepared. Like them we always carry our tools and equipment wherever we go and are continually testing, refining and reinventing the Malle line as we work, travel and play.


Can you tell us about the backpack included in The Green Soccer Journal Limited Edition parcel. What appears to be a regular bag actually has some very surprising features. What did you envisage for this product, and how do you picture someone using it.

We always hated arriving at a meeting with a backpack—it makes you feel like a teenager. So we designed this Malle backpack to be worn on two shoulders when riding bicycles, motorcycles or running—but when you arrive, pull the top strap and it transforms into the perfect shoulder bag. It looks more professional and you can access all of your tools easily. This flexible system made this design unique.

Transport is a major theme that runs through your collection. The backpack for one is designed to be used as a pannier day bag for bicycles and motorcycles. Can you explain how it’s fastened? Was this a major consideration?

Most Malle bags have subtle details that allow them to be reappropriated for different uses and transportation modes. This bag has two large welded brass D-rings at the top that enable it to connect to the frame of a bicycle or motorcycle. This connection system also enables the dual backpack, shoulder bag design.


How do you see it being used as a sports bag?

This Malle bag comes with a large slip bag, which is designed for when you carry dirty football boots home or damp running gear and need to keep it separate from everything else. The backpack, and shoulder bag mode is also perfect for sports, when you need to be active and then arrive looking presentable.


Your material choice is a big consideration in the process. Was it a matter of using the best quality materials to create an extremely durable product? Tell us about the use of organic cotton, by-product leather and your specific waxed canvas.

All Malle products need to outperform, have a light impact on the environment and last for many, many years. Malle materials are selected based on four elements: durability, function, sustainability and aesthetics. Our mill creates a special heavy-duty, non-residue waxed cotton canvas, which is 100% waterproof and the wax doesn’t come off on your hands, clothes or tools. Our organic cotton twill is light and extremely strong and our premium leather is by-product leather from the beef industry.


Does English heritage play a role in the design of your products?

We’re extremely proud to be creating a handmade British product.


What is your ideal mode of transport when traveling through London?

Robert: I ride a 1960’s Royal Enfield. When that brakes down—which is part of the fun—I ride a BIKEID Stockholm bicycle. And when it’s raining I take the bus.

Jonny: On weekdays I ride my 1972 Honda CB and on weekends my BMX.