Malle Charity Partner

We are thrilled to announce that with the support of the Malle community we have now planted a total of 6139 trees since our partnership with The International Tree Foundation began in 2020. The more we travel and explore the world, the more we need to protect it and the wild spaces we want to explore in the future.

Thanks to you, we are close to reaching our first environmental goal of planting 10,000 trees – that’s one tree for every motorcycle that has entered each of the Malle events, from The Malle Rally and The Mile Beach Race, to The Malle Mile Festival – since the start of 2020. With another 2904 trees to be planted in 2021, a modest forest!
The ‘ITF’ has promoted and funded sustainable forestry projects in the UK and internationally for over 90 years and has been responsible for the establishment of hundreds of millions of trees.

Biodiversity, wildlife, trees and wild spaces are extremely important to Malle and our community, we need to protect these wild places to enable exploration in the future. We see trees as the perfect seed/starting point to future proof our wild spaces and the health of our planet.

Learn More: International Tree foundation

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