The Malle ‘Expedition Jacket’ is the perfected motorcycle expedition jacket. It’s the culmination of several years of blood, sweat and tears – with a 10,000 mile (37 day) test expedition incorporated into the design process.

The innovative Malle features of our first motorcycle jacket have since become standard across all Malle garments. Handcrafted with our beautiful British, highly water resistant waxed canvas. Each quilted section of the garment features double layers of abrasion resistant kevlar and 5 piece British race armour from our armour partner Knox; in the back, shoulders and elbows (all included).

The high race collar features an adjustable double snap and the jacket has cinch snaps on the waist to increase/reduce the size of the garment for year round riding (with/without layers), with our soft performance-suede used on the interior of the cuffs and collars for supreme comfort. The Expedition Jacket also features our ‘Love Handles’ for the passenger, GPS connector, air vents, 9 pockets and comes in four colours.

We often have more sizes available in the Malle London studio. If you can’t find your size here, please contact us: sales@mallelondon.com



As the horizons of our adventurers increase, so too do the needs and demands on our designs. Malle products are going further, being pushed harder and need to do more than ever before. No longer will you just see a Malle strapped to a motorcycle on the streets of New York or London. People are taking their Malle kit on full global circumnavigations, across deserts and through Mongolian river crossings. Each piece in the Malle Moto collection is handcrafted from our British Waxed Canvas, Nato Spec. military webbing, with robust and luxurious bridle leather, waterproof membranes, shock absorbent armour, abrasion resistant kevlar and solid-welded brass hardware. Real ingredients for real adventure.

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Extra Small: 34-36 inch / 86-91 cm chest
Small: 36-38 inch / 91-96.5 cm chest
Medium: 38-40 inch / 96.5-101.5 cm  chest
Large: 40-42 inch / 101.5-106.5 cm chest
X-Large: 42-44 inch / 106.5-112 cm chest
XX-Large: 44-46 inch / 112-117 cm chest
XXX-Large: 46-48 inch / 117-122 cm chest

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Water Resistant


The Expedition Jacket is water resistant with triple layered seams throughout. We sell Malle Wax which you can use, or we can do the re-waxing for you in 10 years time.

Impact Resistant Armour

Malle_Expedition_Jacket_Details_Black7Fitted with Knox, CE approved micro lock armour – the perfect balance of performance, comfort and safety – giving the rider the highest level of safety, technology and peace of mind. Easily removed when you’re not riding.

Windproof and Vented

Malle_Expedition_Jacket_Details_Black3The tight weave oiled cotton creates a fully windproof barrier to prevent heat loss by wind exposure. In higher temperatures the brass poppers allow the jacket to stay closed while zips are open allowing air to flow through the jacket.

Abrasion Resistant Kevlar

Malle_Expedition_Jacket_Details_Black6Kevlar is added in key abrasion points so that if the outer fabric layer is compromised by a rough/long skid, the kevlar will prevent skin contact with the ground, reinforced by quilting, for additional padding.

Robust Materials


Strong, lightweight and breathable. The highly water resistant 10 oz oiled cotton makes it strong while providing protection from UV and dirt. Performance suede lined collars and cuffs, with an organic cotton twill lining throughout.



Available in all sizes from ‘Small to XX-Large’ with 3 key adjustment points for comfort and extra heat retention. The 2 cinch flaps on the waist to give a tighter fit and it has an adjustable storm flap around the neck/collar. The cuffs have dual poppers for an adjustable fit.



The light weight breathable organic cotton interior is soft on the skin and easily washable. The performance-suede on the cuffs and collar is velvety soft, yet extremely durable. The armour plating is flexible when riding (hardens on impact) and easily removable.

The Love Handles


Two discreet handles engineered into the side chest pockets of the jacket. Triple stitched to the structural interior seams of the garment, enabling the motorcycle passenger to firmly hold onto something, protecting their hands from the wind and the rain. Smart, safe and considered.

The Poachers Pouch


There’s never enough storage on a motorcycle, so the jacket needed to solve this too. A large zippered pocket is engineered into the back of the jacket, to hold larger items like maps, papers, a loaf of bread or whatever you might need to quickly stash away behind you.



The Expedition Jacket has 9 large pockets to keep all of this stored, protected and organised. Each of the outer pockets are built into the main body of the jacket, making it more water resistant and streamlined.









A Unique and Innovative Expedition Jacket

Testing the Expedition Jacket

The Expedition Jacket encapsulates the concept of ‘inspired heritage’ using tried and tested materials that have been used on motorcycle expeditions for over a century, yet we’ve redesigned this with many modern elements and innovative design features for riders of today.

An exceptionally robust and innovative design; highly water resistant, integrated abrasion resistant kevlar lining, removable CE approved armoured plates, GPS integrated, storm flaps, soft interior organic cottons, smart air venting, triple stitched seams, performance suede trim, intuitive storage (10 pockets) and all utilising extra strong British oiled cotton from the oldest waxed cotton mill in Scotland (Estd. 1887).

After we’d made many prototypes in our London workshop and with the help of an American designer in New York who designs the jackets for the Navy Seals we needed to test the jacket, but we didn’t just want to test it – we wanted to try and DESTROY it!

We set off from New York in July 2015 and set a route that took us 10,000 miles across North America on two Triumph Bonneville’s, from city to desert to mountain tops and beyond. For 37 days we rode, slept, camped and worked in our Expedition Jackets, we wanted to know what happens in 42 degrees centigrade in the desert, what about riding through tropical rainstorms, -10 degrees in the mountains, how will the jacket perform after days and days of continuous riding through all weather conditions?

After 10,000 miles we knew… the good, the bad and everything in between!

So we got back to London and set about perfecting any features we weren’t 100% happy. 2 years later the jacket is finally ready and we couldn’t be prouder.















Hand Crafted

Our Expedition Jackets are each hand made, we ship the waxed cotton from Scotland, the red organic cotton lining is from a mill in the Midlands and the zips are all extra large YKK solid brass zips. It takes our team of craftsmen 38 hours to cut, stitch and make each jacket.



We use all natural fabrics in the Expedition Jacket and organic cotton, all are locally sourced from around the UK, reducing the jackets carbon footprint. All of the hardware is solid brass which is infinitely recyclable and the removable armour plating and kevlar layers are reusable and recyclable.

One of the best ways of ensuring sustainable design/user practices, is ensuring that the product will last and be used for a lifetime (replacing multiple jackets) and can be maintained easily. We can supply a 6×6” piece of the waxed cotton fabric, in case of any necessary repairs over the years and a tin of Malle wax, to maintain maximum waterproofing in this decade and the next.
















With all of our products they’re designed for an active life and we guarantee every Expedition Jacket against material or manufacturing defect for 5 years. We want this jacket to last you your entire riding life and when you finally hang up your helmet we want this jacket to be proudly passed on to your first born child.

Accidents and rips can happen (usually down the pub), we’ve got plenty of waxed cotton in our workshop, so should you rip something by accident (accidents happen), we’ll help you fix it.

Either we’ll send you the fabric to patch it up or return it to us and we’ll happily patch it up for you. Like on any battered vintage motorcycle jacket – everyone digs the battle scars!

And if you find the jacket is too small or large when it arrives, we’ll simply send you a replacement of the next size up or down, at no extra charge.