Malle Merino Wool Mid-Weight Jumper – Navy

Malle Merino Wool Mid-Weight Jumper – Navy

Malle Merino Wool Mid-Weight Jumper – Navy


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Our timeless Merino Wool unisex crew neck mid layer jumper. This flexible garment is designed to be worn as a Base-Layer beneath a heavyweight Top-Layer or over a T-Shirt – layer up and down. Made from 100% extra fine Italian Merino Wool, and embroidered with the Malle marque on the right arm.

Also available in BLACK / CHARCOAL

Mid Weight Merino Wool For Layering and Insulation

Merino Wool is a real super-fabric for adventure. The shape of the thread has a ‘crimp’ that traps air in pockets in the fibre, creating greater insulation against the elements, which also makes it supremely soft and comfortable. Merino Wool is great for regulating body temperature, because of its breathability. It is also moisture wicking and can absorb 30% of its weight in moisture, drawing perspiration away from the skin, whilst still maintaining it’s ability to insulate. Better yet, it naturally resists bacteria and prevents odor retention. It’s an easy fabric to wash and look after and holds it’s shape really well.

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Material: 100% Merino Wool
Yarn Origin: Italy
Manufacture: Manchester / Britain
Weight: Light-Weight
Temperature: 0°C TO 30°C (50°F TO 77°F)