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The Great Malle Mountain Rally 2022

The Great Malle Mountain Rally 2022

The Great Malle Mountain Rally 2022

£ 200.00


The Great Malle Mountain Rally - A celebration of the wildest landscapes in the greatest mountain range in Europe. The ‘Rallye Montagne’ sets the unique challenge of taking on the entirety of the Alps Mountain Range in one wild motorcycle adventure and a world first - the longest motorcycle rally ever attempted across the entire Alps mountain range. Venturing from Austria to Monaco - 6 countries in 6 days. Rally teams will ride 1500 miles East to West across all of the highest mountain passes in the Alps, reaching heights of 2770m, finally completing at sea level in Monaco for a welcome dip in the Mediterranean. Join the longest motorcycle rally ever attempted in the beautiful Alps. 

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To reserve your place in the rally, simply pay the £200 fee, this is not refundable after 24 hours and we will contact you for more information. Once you’ve booked, this guarantees your rally spot/number. You will then be sent the invoice for the remainder of the balance, which can be paid in 1 or 2 instalments (whichever you prefer). This also gives us a chance to connect with you and see if there’s anything else we can do to tailor the rally experience for you and your team.

Select your package and the £200 deposit will secure your place on The Great Malle Mountain Rally 2022!

On each day the rally teams join the Rally Briefing and are given the 5 rally checkpoints to guide the teams along our route, with marshals supporting and timing, along with the Malle Rally crew, followed by our rally engineers and support team.

All riders camp under canvas in our luxurious rally bell tents, with the riders briefing and the dinner in the rally camp each night. On almost every night we’ll be in a different country, with the local menu being designed to celebrate each unique terrain and terroir of the location. Our private chefs cook up a storm in the rally camp each evening and provide all food throughout.

Each rider is given their own ‘Malle Mountain Rally Duffel” with their rally number on it – so that all luggage is waiting in The Rally camp for riders. We only transport what you can fit in your Malle Rally Duffel (65cm x 30cm x 30cm), anything else would need to be carried by you on your motorcycle.