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This selection of pocket-ready, smaller Malle pieces includes:
A Silk Riding Scarf, 4 x Malle Mugs, Malle Travel Wallet, Small Hurricane Bag Set of 3 Logbooks, Water Bottle & Bottle Bag, Silk Eye Travel Mask 29 and The Malle Printed Journal.

Usually £317.00

Gift wrapped as standard!

We believe in investing in products and gifts that will last and bring happiness/use for a very long time. Give gifts that you’d like to receive yourself and that will be loved and used everyday. Support independent creatives/makers & choose products that are made locally. Invest in real quality, choose less & choose better. To that effect we have created 4 special Malle Hampers, with 4 carefully curated selections of really useful Malle gifts, all at a very special price.

We’ve also created the annual Malle gift guide to give you some inspiration for unique designs and gift ideas: VIEW NOW >