Malle are dedicated to creating the highest quality British bags and adventure accessories, from our studio in London. Built for life by foot or on wheels, enabling you to transport and protect your travel essentials, whilst arriving in style. 

Malle was started in London, England by two British designers; Robert Nightingale and Jonathan Cazzola. They initially set out to create considered and purposeful motorcycle luggage that would out-perform any plastic pannier – employing naturally durable materials, smart mechanisms and minimalist design aesthetics.  

Since then they have broadened their collections to include an ever increasing variety of thoughtfully designed ‘Adventure Accessories’, that blend contemporary design, innovative ideas and robust materials, with a unique sense of British utilitarian style.

Our marque ‘Malle’ comes from the French word – meaning tool chest or traveling trunk. The sort you’d see on the back of cars or stacked on train platforms in the 19th Century. A suitable moniker for a company that makes luggage for integration into transportation.

Some of our customers may not ride motorcycles, bicycles or may never strap their Malle to the back of a bike and cross a continent, but they look for bags that are designed to meet the performance requirements of our ‘moto-adventure-lifestyle’; waterproof, hardwearing, durable – which will meet and surpass their daily travel needs. Each Malle is crafted with full-grain bridle leather, durable (military spec.) oiled cotton canvas, organic cotton interiors and solid welded brass hardware – they are built to go the distance and come home again.

May your Malle serve you well.

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