Expeditions – The Artisan Expedition – Malle London

On the 25th of July, 2015 Malle founders Robert Nightingale and Jonny Cazzola set off on a 10,000 mile expedition and design exploration, searching for the spirit of ‘the craftsman’ in a world where mass production prevails.

The ‘Artisan Expedition’ is an immersive voyage into the contemporary design phenomena of craft, entrepreneurs, innovation and the maker movement.

We believe we can understand something deeper about a country and its people by exploring what they make, how they make it and ultimately why they dedicate their time and their lives to that craft.


As British designers/film makers they left their design studio to embarked on a 10,000 mile trans-continental expedition by motorcycle from New York to Los Angeles, meeting the most highly skilled artisans, makers, designers and craftsmen who are leading the charge by producing something unique.

Many of these skilled craftsmen bring centuries of heritage to their craft, some are revitalising their profession and others are reinventing in entirely new design territories.

At present they are in the process of reviewing hours and hours of footage and carving this fascinating story into a set of documentary style films.

Posted below are a few snippets from the trip, feel free to browse and sign up to be notified of film releases.