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The Malle Mile 2018 was back in the grounds of the ever beautiful Kevington Hall in London, for the greatest and most inappropriate motorcycle race in the country.

A pure celebration of the motorcycle in all forms, with a non-stop programme of very inappropriate motorcycle racing.

A celebration of the British summertime, the motorcycle culture, with live music from the bands stage, a custom exhibition, brand retail/exhibitions and the now legendary Mile after-party.

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The Mile Races





We are always striving to make The Mile better and not bigger. This year we introduced new races and new race classes with a maximum of 100 riders in the largest classes, ensuring a lot more racing action, a lot more races, less time in the pits, more parties, more fun and a lot more motorcycles.

This year 400+ motorcycles raced in our series of inappropriate ’run what you brung’ races over the weekend – and since the first year our ethos has not changed; everyone is invited to race anything on 2 wheels and no one is expected to win – with the finalists from each class racing the final Mile sprint; “The Derby”.

Our team of dedicated Malle staff and volunteers put their heart and soul into hosting the greatest celebration of racing and from the lifting of the first race banner until the final flag dropped.

We want to thank our amazing community of riders, our fantastic supporting brands, encourage-able friends, family and volunteers for making The Mile what it has become over the years – The Mile is yours!





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Thank You





Thank you again to our fantastic event partners, they help our small team take The Mile to the next level and we are thrilled to have partnered with them to host a very special race for you all.

The Mile 2019