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Prepared To get Lost

The Malle Expedition Collection

As the boundaries of our riders are pushed ever further, so too are the demands on each Malle design. The technical demands increase, forced by harsher weather conditions, harder terrain and greater distances. Each Malle design needs to match the endurance level of the riders and the motorcycles we are creating for. Introducing ‘The Malle Expedition Collection’, hand made with our new waterproof coated canvas, waterproof zips, waterproof membranes, military spec. webbing custom MALLE G Clips AND robust bridle leathers. Each Malle piece is hand made, refined, utilitarian and timeless. Each piece in the collection is much lighter, tougher, water-proof, dirt-proof, abrasion resistant and made to go further than ever before. In the research and development phase of each new design in the Malle Expedition Collection, the testing simply came down to time and distance.

Expedition Collection

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