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Malle Map Case

Malle Map Case

Malle Map Case

£ 49.00£ 259.00



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The Moto Map Case is for the motorcycle adventurer who is going where telecommunication may not be, the transparent capacitive-touch material screen means you can house a full O.S map on the tank or your touch screen digital devices. Or simply write your directions on your Malle Logbook and put it in the Map case to remind you of the route ahead.

The Moto Map Case can be installed solo on to the Malle Module or onto the top of our Moto Hybrid Tank Pannier. Handcrafted with our beautiful matt-black British waxed canvas and Nato Spec. military webbing, simple and versatile.

As the horizons of our adventurers increase, so too do the needs and demands on our designs. Malle products are going further, being pushed harder and need to do more than ever before. No longer will you just see a Malle strapped to a motorcycle on the streets of New York or London. People are taking their Malle kit on full global circumnavigations, across deserts and through Mongolian river crossings. Each piece in the Malle Moto collection is handcrafted from our British Waxed Canvas, Nato Spec. military webbing, with robust and luxurious bridle leather, waterproof membranes, shock absorbent armour, abrasion resistant kevlar and solid-welded brass hardware. Real ingredients for real adventure.













First install the MALLE MODULE to the tank, then attach the map case with the webbing straps, that loop around the module and tighten with the 2 sliders. Or attach it directly onto the MOTO TANK BAG/TAIL PACK/PANNIER directly loop the 2 webbing straps through the 2 channels on the back of the map case and the 2 channels on the top of the Moto Tank Bag (beneath the front pocket) and tighten.