The Great Malle Rally 2023 – Official Gallery


The Great Malle Rally 2023

Official Gallery

By Shane Benson

What a truly wild 7 days, over 6 rally stages. Strap a tank of fuel between your legs and slowly set fire to it across 1500 miles of great Britain, across every greatest landscape, riding up in the clouds, down into the valleys and up into the mountains. All of us, Prepared To Get Lost, together.

The Great Malle Rally 2023 was a very different experience, we were honoured to welcome 100 riders from around the world, from 23 countries, with riders coming in from as far away as Japan, Australia, South Africa, from nearly every country in Europe and many other far flung places, to explore the best of this small and beautiful island on 2 wheels.

This is the true power of the humble motorcycle, to bring people together from around the globe, each of us connected by our shared passion for exploration, motorcycles and the thirst for real adventure.

This was the 7th annual Malle Rally pilgrimage to the very northern tip of Scotland, with 100 wild custom and classic motorcycles (and almost everything in between), riding 1500 miles across all of the wildest, the most beautiful and most diverse landscapes in mainland Britain, in one epic cross country rally adventure.

As the sun set at almost midnight on midsummer at the very furthest tip of Scotland, overlooking The North Sea, as the golden sunset filled the rally camp, with riders all laughing around the camp fires. 100 strangers, in the middle of nowhere, having each just completed the longest motorcycle rally in the country, with firm friendships made and the rally team bonds now stronger than ever, this is what real motorcycling is all about.

A huge congratulations to each and every rally rider for making the rally adventure, a massive and heartfelt thank you to all of our Malle marshals, mechanics, photographers, engineers, chefs, medics, partners, hosts and friends, for supporting this wild, traveling motorcycle circus across the country!


THE 9TH-16TH OF JUNE, 2024.

ASTRAY. The Great Malle Rally 2023 Film

Shot by Shane Benson, Edited by Bristow Films
Soundtrack by Avalanche Party

The Great Malle Rally 2023 – Official Gallery

By Shane Benson

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