Malle Field Report: Morocco - A Love Story

Introducing: Malle ‘Godspeed’ Beer

August 2017

In the spring of 2017 we got a great phone call, which went something like this…”Hi, do you like beer?…” “Yes!…” Do you like motorcycles with your beer?” And with that we had befriended master brewer Adrian Kingsbury who runs 81 Artisan Brewery. At The Mile this year we all agreed that we wanted to offer our guests something new and something unique.

After some very varied beer tasting we settled on a Vienna Style Pale Ale style of beer, which would be perfect for the warm summer months. We than set about creating the Godspeed beer, exclusively for all of the guests and riders to enjoy once the kickstands were down at The Mile 2017 and during The Great Mile 2017 rally. Godspeed!