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Luftgekuhlt 4

Port of Los Angeles, California

By Robert Nightingale – May 2017

In the words of Chad McQueen – ‘For a Porsche guy, it’s Heaven’. Luftgekuhlt 4 was the 4th happening to be hosted by Howie Idelson and Patrick Long and it was nothing short of beautiful.

Luftgekuhlt (meaning air-cooled in German) is not really a car show at all, more of a multifaceted meeting or sort of Porsche church, with a series of underground pop-ups around LA, with drivers and builders coming in from across the country, all culminating in the grand finale of the main event show. This year the main event was held at the Port of Los Angeles, with shipping containers and tankers in the background…and over 500 exquisite Porsches in the foreground.

The crown jewels of the exhibition were in the main hanger, the handful of air-cooled master-pieces that were beautifully curated by Howie and Patrick, each one with an ever more unique story than the last; Le Mans winners from the 1950’s, Daytona Champions, Dakar Rally cars, super cars, saloons, outlaws, convertibles, race cars and my personal favourites…the old seemingly tatty pre-1960’s ‘rust buckets’, with faded leather, torn canvas and flaking paint – beautiful. 

Highlights from Luftgekuhlt 4: