A Monet & Goyon with a touch of Malle

We first met Pip Davidson on the dusty start line of The Mile, last summer. Cigarette in mouth, visor down and a 5 cylinder Kawasaki beneath him – I thought the July heat was blurring my vision, but sure enough Pip was riding a custom 5 cylinder. Yesterday we saw a glimpse of his latest creation – his unique custom board track racer, based on a French 1948 Monet & Goyon S4J.

“A trip to Dorset and I laid eyes on her for the first time, she was in a rickety old shed where she had been for 3 years, the current owner unable to get her started, I paid him then loaded her up…. and told him what was in-store for her, his jaw hit the floor as she was 100% original, unrestored condition and offered to buy it back, but she was mine!”. Hat’s off to Pip on this one – a rare and meticulous build, which he’s named ‘Etta’, meaning little one.

We hope to see Pip the racing this one of a kind Monet & Goyon at The Mile this year and showing off what a 68 year old French 125cc 2 Stroke can do. We’re guessing quite a lot!

The Monet & Goyon in her previous life…