Rambles with Bruno Morris

It was to be just another, regular episode of Rambles of London, with me Bruno Morris..

But what transpired that balmy summer eve at The Malle Mile, changed this rambling-roger into a gas-guzzling cycle-head. BRUM-BRADADADADA! Sweat. Dust. The hot-pong of unspent engine fluid.

Entering The Malle Mile feels like opening the shed at the end of Ozzy Osbourne’s garden.. One has no concept of the outrageous treasure that lays beyond, but you would eat your best hat to get in and root around.

The Malle Mile hosts bikes and their masters, from glorious mongrel to tempestuous pedigree, staged with all the ceremony of a rock festival at an English garden party. And I for one, shall certainly be back.

BM x

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Music by: The Picturebooks
Filmed by: Sense Films