The Lost Collection Film by Malte Rosenfeld


Prepared To Get Lost Film

by Malte Rosenfeld

How an impromptu motorcycle adventure turned into the collaborative making of our award winning film – Prepared To Get Lost.

One day in early 2015, the Malle studio phone rang. It was a customer enquiring about pieces of Malle kit that he wanted for a trip down to a surf and motorcycle festival in the South of France. We ended up chatting about motorcycles and adventures for almost an hour. While on the call he went on to tell me all about his forthcoming adventure, a ride down to Wheels and Waves in the South of France. While doing so, he mentioned that one of his friends had to pull out of the trip and that they had a spare ticket for the sold out ferry crossing.

The next thing I know I’m on 24 hour slow boat to Santander, heading to my first ever Wheels and Waves with 2 new friends – one being the talented cinematographer Malte Rosenfeld. 24 hours is a long time to get to know each other and in doing so we chatted about projects new and old and realised it would be really interesting to work on a film together in the future.

In 2018 the forthcoming launch of our new Lost Collection was the perfect opportunity to collaborate with Malte. Our mission was to create a set of new luggage and adventure accessory pieces that would protect and prepare us for both harsh winters in the city or road tripping across a continent, answering to the demands of more extreme adventure riders, urban explorers and avid travellers, on or off the motorcycle.

It was with this premiss that we wanted to shoot the new collection in as many scenarios as possible, featuring some of the new women’s pieces, adventure travel accessories, full leather bags, while celebrating our home, the beautiful city of London. We joined forces with Malte and started to discuss the making of the ‘Prepared To Get Lost’ film to showcase this exciting new collection.

‘Prepared To Get Lost’, featured above, went on to win a Craft Award for Cinematography. Enjoy!

Film: Malte Rosenfeld
Focus Puller : Kit McKenzie / Jack Exton
Gaffer: Josh Wood / Ryan
Grade: Vlad Barin / Cheat London


Words by Jonny Cazzola