The Morgan Super 3 & The Morgan x Malle Drivers Collection


The Morgan x Malle Drivers Collection

The Morgan Super 3

Malle announce our collaboration with Morgan on the ‘Morgan x Malle Drivers Collection’ for the all new ‘Morgan Super 3’ which was unveiled recently at Morgan HQ.

113 years ago Morgan started and launched with their first 3 wheel vehicle, it was quickly adapted for racing, hill climbs and off road events and ever since their vehicles have been hand built and custom made to order for each driver in Britain.

With the new ‘monocoque’ design of the ‘Super 3’, being inspired by the ‘Jet Age’, it’s the first time a Morgan 3 has the engine designed into the chassis and body, with the iconic ‘sideblades’ efficiently managing airflow through the radiators and around the vehicle. These ‘sideblades’ have been adapted for luggage and panniers, which is where Malle got invited to get involved in the creative process.

At Malle our design expertise focuses on luggage, protective apparel and adventure accessories – we’re generally designing in relation to motorcycles and it’s rare for an automotive challenge to be put to the Malle design team. But this was an entirely new design challenge and an exciting opportunity for real collaboration; here’s a car that blends the driving experience between that of a car and motorcycle. When driving the Super 3, you’re in the environment, part of the experience and connected to the wind, the sound, the rain and the sunshine and all that goodness, that makes for an utterly unique automotive experience, similar to when you’re riding.

We started designing and developing the Morgan x Malle Pannier that effortlessly locks to the ‘sideblade’ of the Super 3, hand made with our 18oz and 10oz British Waxed Canvas, with a fully waterproof membrane and military Spec. Malle hardware. It’s been meticulously designed with the Morgan team to offer plenty of luggage space and dedicated locations for all of the necessary kit for the Super 3 adventure. These panniers will be available directly from Morgan once the vehicles launch in the summer of 2022.

Moving from the vehicle to the driver/pilot, we then focused on the Morgan x Malle Drivers Jacket and Knee Guard. Taking everything we know about protection, comfort, usability and ‘all-year-all-weather’ use from our motorycle jackets and adapting it to the Super 3 driver, driving position and usability. These jackets are made from our signature 10oz Scottish waxed canvas and will be available in Matt Black and Desert Sand colours. Featuring a fully waterproof membrane, internal kevlar sections and armored pockets for additional protection, as well as the quilted interior, wrist seals, quick-access eye protection/device pockets, an integrated rain hood and storm baffle.

These Morgan x Malle designs, will keep the driver warm, dry and protected in all weather conditions, wherever the Super 3 will take you. We can’t wait to see the Super 3 out on the roads soon and congratulations to the entire Morgan design team for pulling off such a uniquely beautiful and uniquely functional, new and exciting automotive design.

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